The château de Médavy

The château de Médavy is a beautiful residence from the 18th century, with a classical architecture inspired by Mansart. It was built on the foundations of a more ancient fortress, as evidenced by the moats and the two imposing towers. The present main building was erected between 1705 and 1724 by Jacques-Léonor Rouxel de Médavy, Marshal of France, and the entire castle was embellished from 1754 to 1789 by Pierre Thiroux de Monregard, farmer-general of the postal service and relays of France.

The indoor tour reveals an elegant staircase, salons decorated with French furniture from the 18th century, portraits reminiscent of the previous owners, such as Countess Thiroux de Monregard, painted by Louis-Michel van Loo. At last, two well-resourced chartrooms contain Spanish chests, along with atlases and globes from the 16th to the 18th centuries.

Our collections

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Exceptional objects

Enter the hall of the castle and set off to explore a rich and unusual collection that resembles a cabinet of curiosities. The objects, carefully chosen and arranged, recreate the atmosphere of the time with accuracy and will make you travel back in time.

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Antique atlases and globes

Embark on a journey to rediscover the world through its various representations over the ages. The extensive, rich and one-of-a-kind collection, consisting mainly of globes and atlases, features more than 600 singular objects.

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Model ships

Come see our wide collection of 44 model ships made of rosewood, displayed in a refurbished old stable inside the buildings of the château’s stud farm. You will find a few must-sees, such as the Titanic, the Charles de Gaulle, Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, the Belem, the Pen Duick, the Hermione, and many more!

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Contemporary art

The contemporary art collection is presented in the Saint-Pierre tower. This magnificent setting welcomes the works of internationally renowned living artists such as Hubert Le Gall, Jean-Michel Othoniel or Johanna Vasconcelos... Conceived as a place of life, the gallery harmoniously blends the art works with this domestic space.

The intimate and extraordinary Médavy

Aside from the visits and tourist offers, the castle lives every day. The teams are devoted to make it always warmer and more welcoming.

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