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Summer season 2023

The château is open for visitors from Saturday 29th june to Sunday 1st September 2024 included, from 13:00 to 19:00.

The château will also be open, only on reservation, every Sunday during April, May, June, September, October and November.
For those Sundays (except July and August), the booking will be done on

Free visit of the park, the chapel and the dovecote.
Guided tours at fixed time or upon reservation.

Four themed tours are available:

Interior of the castle
Collection of globes et atlases
Model ships
Contemporary art (Saint-Pierre tower)

Each of the four tours takes about 1 hour.
The group size is limited to a maximum of 20 people, children included (10 people for the Saint-Pierre tower).


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Visiting hours

During the summer season, the guided tours take place every day at 13:15, 15:00, 16:30 and 17:45.

Guided tour of the castle

Daily at 13:30, 16:30 and 17:45
Except 17:45 for the thursdays 04/07, 18/07, 25/07, 08/08, 15/08, 22/08

Discovery of the first floor of the castle decorated with a rich collection of furniture, objects, paintings, globes and atlases.

Guided tour of the Globes and atlases

Thursdays 18/07 and 15/08 at 17:45

On this visit, the most beautiful atlases and globes are displayed for the occasion. Perfect for the knowledgeable and enthusiastic visitors. A real journey into the historical art of cartography.

Guided tour of the paintings

Thursdays 25/07 and 22/08 at 17:45

On this visit, you will discover the most of the paintings in the interior of the castel.

Guided tour Contemporary Art (of the Saint-Pierre tower (limited to 10 people))

Thurdays 04/07 and 08/08 at 17:45

The Saint-Pierre tower, fully renovated, houses a collection of contemporary art objects from the 21th century.

Tour of the model ships

Daily at 15:00

Come and see, in autonomy with a booklet, 40 model ships made by hand according to the original plans. All kinds of ships, from Christopher Columbus’ caravel to the Titanic.

Off season

Every Sunday, from Easter to All Saints’ Day, between 14:00 and 17:00.
Sunday, 31 march to sunday, 1st september inclued and sunday, 8 september to sunday, 27 october inclued.
Exceptional closure on 16 June.
Only on reservation
To book your visit, click here

Castle at 15:30
Model ships room at 14:15
Saint Pierre tower open on request (minimum of 4 people).

Admission fees (Summer 2022)

Child (6-16 yo)

Interior of the castle + outdoor tour



Model ships + outdoor tour



Interior of the castel + model ships + outdoor tour



Globes and atlases + outdoor tour


Paintings + outdoor tour


Contemporary art + outdoor tour



minimum of 10 people

On request

Outdoor tour


Please note: for safety reasons, children are not allowed to enter unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Come to the château de Médavy

The château de Médavy is located in the center of the Orne department, near Argentan and the Haras du Pin.

Le Château de Médavy
61570 MEDAVY

Argentan, about 15 km
Caen, about 80 km
Alençon, about 40 km
Paris, about 200 km
Rennes, about 200 km
Le Mans, about 90 km

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Welcome schoolchildren

Your pupils are welcome at the castle.

They can explore the interiors of the castle, the model ships room and the park.

A guided tour of the interiors allows them to get familiar with the daily life of the 18th century in a quirky way. The model ships room can be visited in an autonomous manner by means of cards and short videos. 

The pupils can participate in a trail game in the whole park, in which they investigate to find the thief of the castle’s candles. Thanks to puzzles, observations and little games, they can learn about the life during the 18th century while having fun.

Ask for the presentation booklet.

The tours are suitable for primary school students (6 to 11 years old).

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme

Continue the journey...

The château de Médavy is located in the center of the Orne department, close to numerous places of interest and just a few kilometers away from the Haras du Pin… Continue your journey and enjoy the charm of the Orne.