Les amis de Médavy

Many people are attached to the château, know the previous and current owners, or take an interest in the richness of the presented collections. 

The purpose of the association “Les Amis de Médavy” (The Friends of Médavy) is to organize special events and to increase the château’s renown. 

We are waiting for you!

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Work and
patronage campaigns

The first restoration campaigns initiated in 2004 by the owner until 2021 have saved the château from ruin.

Those efforts have been rewarded with the “Big Trophy of the most beautiful restoration” in 2014.

Today, we need your support in order to continue the restoration of the château and the domain over time.

The forthcoming general investment program still includes numerous phases of work: the restoration of the rear moats and the saut-de-loup, the restitution of the grand staircase, the restoration of the Saint-Jean tower, known as the chapel tower, the refurbishment of the gardens, the rehabilitation of the mill...

In 2022, the patronage campaign carried out with the Fondation du Patrimoine is focused on the restoration of the hemicycle on the side of the Orne river: masonry work with brick and stone from Caen, gasketed with lime, and building of a footbridge. Thank you!

chateau medavy normandie normandy castle orne visite tourisme